Gelese Giano – Independence 4th

Get ready for the fourth, guys! If you live in America then you know the 4th of July is right around the corner. So in honor of that, Gelese Giano has created a wonderful gown and it’s only 155L! This is an amazing way to support your country and show your pride for the red, white and blue. Best of all, you can look fabulous doing it! This gown offers a very refined look, perfect for a dance or an event. While being both elegant and patriotic it is also very feminine and sexy.

If you want to up the sexy factor, this outfit gives you the option to turn this into a lovely mini dress. So after going to your gala event, cut loose and party with your friends on the dance floor! Short and flirty, this mini dress will help you ring in the 4th with a real bang! The fireworks are you! This is a great dress to catch everyone’s attention, even Uncle Sam will salute. It’s a quality piece as well, with amazing prim work and style.

The upper part of this dress is out of this world. Cut out in just the right places with starts to cover your modesty. I paired this with great jewelry from Earthstone made just for the 4th of July. A lovely set in red, white and blue; perfect for the gown. My skin is from JeSyLiLo, a special deal you can pick up as well as part of their Lazy Sunday sale. Hurry on that one before it’s full price!

Dress – Gelese Giano

Jewelry – Earthstone

Hair – Vanity Hair

Skin – JeSyLiLo


Claim The Fame: Week 10 – Maddox Kaestner

Another amazing week on the Claim the Fame show has come and gone. This week the theme was Steampunk! Our last 5 designers brought us some amazing outfits and accessories to broaden your inventory. Congrats to all of our remaining designers, and the competition was so close, NO ONE was eliminated! Yay! Check out these styles from 2 of our designers…..



The Engineer

Thetra Blackheart

Clockwork Dandy

Vixn Dagger

All outfits can be found in the Claim the Fame Mall at the Kult District:

All Photos by Talyia Tarber


Vampire Couture

Okay so…maybe Sophi was in a mood. I wanted to think differently today so I took this amazing gown by Gelese Giano and changed it from high class to prom date from hell. I just wanted to go outside the box, take this dress to another level. Gore couture or vampire couture, an elegant gown with beautiful blood. This black dress is a one shoulder master piece but this is how it spoke to me, it cried out for this lovely pumping an exposed heart from AD Creations. You can’t see the pumping in the pictures but this thing is amazing! Everyone who saw it loved it and since the dress is so beautiful and low cut it fit great.

Even without me taking the gown in this direction it is very sexy and revealing. The skirt has a poof at the hips then a trail in the back, exposing the front of your legs. You will also have your mid-section exposed and as I mentioned before it is very, very low cut. It also has a plunging neckline in the back so plenty of skin to see. I covered my legs a bit with these stockings from SD Wears and wore ankle boots from Mary Jane Shoes. You can also see the tassels this gown has, on the shoulder piece as well as from the skirt, they sway very beautifully when you walk. I love movement in an outfit.

You can of course opt out of the shoulder piece and change the look a bit. This shot gives a nice close up of the heart as well as my face. Skin and fangs are from 90 Degrees and my hair is a very new release from Beautiful Dirty Rich. If you peek in closer you can see the piercing set I got from the market place. I also like the bracelets from Acid & Mala Creations, I do enjoy black pearls! I wanted a simple yet elegant bracelet to go with the dress yet also the gothic look, the black pearls almost mimic the tassels so it’s a pretty nice fit.

Dress – Gelese Giano

Shoes – Mary Jane Shoes

Heart – AD Creations

Bracelets – Acid & Mala Creations

Piercings – Chaos, Panic & Disorder

Hair – Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Skin & Fangs – 90 Degrees

Nails – Virtual Insanity

Claim The Fame: Week 9 – Maddox Kaestner

Wow, what a show! Week 9 is now complete, and the 6 remaining contestants did not disappoint us. This week’s theme was Rococo/Renaissance designs. All the designers amazed us with bold colors, fantastic textures, and creative primwork. I know the judges had a very hard time deciding who was to leave this week, but no matter, they were all winners! Congratulations to you all! And congrats to my designers for progressing to the next round. Now check out these awesome designs!




E-Clipse Monsieur Poussin
Thetra Blackheart




Vixn Dagger



All outfits can be found in the Claim the Fame Mall at the Kult District:



Photos taken by Talyia Tarber



In Style with Hyatt

High class jewelry from Hyatt. A very simple post show casing the pure beauty of Hyatt. Nothing but Hyatt, no hair, just my bare beauty.

Yes, this is much different from my usual posting styling, not many words just the beauty of Hyatt. If you’re looking for something unique, beautiful and daring then click the link and visit the store.

Jewelry – Hyatt

Claim The Fame: Week 8 – Daniele Eberhardt

Cherry Poppin outfit by Vixn Dagger

Neffy’s Brett outfit by nefertiti kimagawa

Billyboy outfit by Lexi Vargas

All outfits can be found in the Claim the Fame Mall at the Kult District:

Claim The Fame: Week 8 – Takeshi Kiama

Rock and Roll is here to stay! It will never die!! The remaining contestants of this week’s Claim the Fame showed off their Rockabilly roots with biker jackets, pompodour hairstyles, and a car full of screaming chicks!

Stephan by Mayden Ushimawa

Mayden Ushimawa pulled out of her magic hat this week, “Stephan“. A slick retro guy with a cadillac you can wear full of 50’s dressed girls! The caddy also comes sans the girls for guys’ night out.

Stephan by Mayden Ushimawa

Next up I got to model again for the talented Thetra Blackheart, a rough and rowdy looking outfit called “Rockabilly Rumble“. The jacket is incredibly detailed, even has a pack of camels in the sleeve.

Rockabilly Rumble by Thetra Blackheart

I loved the shoes and texture of the jeans. Honestly I loved all the outfits this week. It is getting so hard to pick faves but really I don’t want to and I’m not a judge so I don’t have to! \O/

Next week theme is Rococco Medieval and I can’t wait to see what they come up with! See you then!

Rockabilly Rumble by Thetra Blackheart